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Product Description:

uLAS series laser gas analyzer is a high-performance laser gas analyzer developed according to the requirements of on-site industrial online analysis and environmental protection online monitoring at home and abroad. The analyzer uses tunable semiconductor Laser Absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) detection technology with ultra-low monitoring limits and detection limits up to ppb levels. TDLAS technology has higher spectral resolution than other gas measurement principles, and thus has excellent resistance to background gas cross interference, improving the accuracy and reliability of process gas analysis. The analyzer can be customized according to the condition of the gas (O2, CO, NH3, H2S, CO2, CH4, HCN)

Product Details

uLASProduct Features

1, anti-gas cross interference ability, high measurement accuracy

2, cavity enhanced light pool structure, can achieve ppb level measurement

3, half a year calibration cycle, low cost

4, measuring gas, measuring range can be flexibly customized

5, the design is flexible, can be used disk mounted or wall hanging structure

6, can provide OEM/ODM services


Typical Applications

• On-line process gas analysis

• Environmental air quality monitoring in the park

• Greenhouse gas monitoring

• Laboratory gas analysis equipment


Performance Parameters
Model     Gas     Detection range Accuracy Repeatability   Remarks
uLAS-100 NH3 0-10ppm;0-10% 1%FS ≤1% ≤±1%FS
uLAS-200 HCL 0-5ppm;0-4% 1%FS ≤1% ≤±1%FS
uLAS-300 HF 0-10ppm;0-200ppm 1%FS ≤1% ≤±1%FS
uLAS-600 H2S 0-500ppm;0-30% 1%FS ≤1% ≤±1%FS
uLAS-710 CO 0-500ppm;0-100% 1%FS ≤1% ≤±1%FS
uLAS-720 CO2 0-1000ppm;0-100% 1%FS ≤1% ≤±1%FS
uLAS-730 CH4 0-20ppm;0-100% 1%FS ≤1% ≤±1%FS
Functional parameters
Preheat 15min Measurement interval 1 s Digital Output RS232/485


47-63Hz 120W

Other outputs

Analog output 4-20mA optional;

concentration over limit alarm,

transmittance abnormal alarm,

USB data interface.

Environmental parameters
Light length 2-10m Sample gas temperature     ≤200°C non-condensing Sample gas pressure Atmospheric pressure±5kPa
Dimension   410mm*480mm*270mm Weight 8kg






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