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2023-05-24 13:22

From May 18 to 19, 2023, sinoptic Instrument participated in the "25th Annual Meeting of National Special Gases" in Hefei, which was organized by Haohua Gas Co., LTD., Zhonghao Guangming Chemical Research and Design Institute Co., LTD., and National Special Gas Information Station.

A number of well-known experts and scholars in the industry and enterprise representatives attended this event to share the new technological achievements and the successful experience of the enterprise, discuss the hot and difficult issues in the development of the industry, analyze the development status and future prospects of the industry, and seek a plan for the development of the industry.

sinoptic Instrument Marketing Director -- Mr Li

Sinoptic Instrument marketing Director Li , on stage to introduce laser absorption spectrum and related application cases. Mainly from the company profile, laser spectrum principle, environment, laboratory applications, industrial process analysis applications and other aspects of the sharing.

Meeting site

We have a booth on the site, and the instrument on display this time is uLAS series laser gas analyzer. Our products have won recognition from many old and new friends, and also attracted a large number of new friends to come to understand and consult, Mr. Li warmly received and answered questions.

uLAS series laser gas analyzer

uLAS laser trace gas analyzer is based on the principle of tunable semiconductor laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS} technology to scan and analyze the specific wavelength of gas absorption lines, combined with digital phase-locked amplifier and long-path gas chamber and other advanced technologies to achieve gas concentration measurement. uLAS Laser Trace gas analyzer can achieve high resolution, high precision, stable and reliable measurement of trace gas, to meet the requirements of process analysis and environmental detection applications.

Product characteristics

• Ultra-high sensitivity ppb

• Spectrum single-line scanning, accurately locking the test wavelength

• Long optical path Heliot detection pool

• Simple calibration and maintenance, long service life

Typical application

• Trace gas measurement

• Air quality monitoring

• Greenhouse gas measurement

• Gas emission plume chart measurement

This meeting has come to a successful conclusion. Thank you for your attention and support to Sinoptic Instrument, and look forward to more cooperation opportunities with you in the future!



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