eLAS series laser gas analyzers are widely used in cement production process

2023-06-01 10:36

eLAS-100S laser gas analyzer is a cost-effective laser product launched by Sunno Instrument based on years of rich experience in laser technology application. It adopts TDLAS technology to detect gas concentration and other parameters in industrial processes online and in real time. It can operate reliably in a variety of high temperature, high pressure, high dust and other environments, and has the characteristics of simple installation and maintenance, small size, low cost, widely used in chemical industry, cement, environmental protection and other markets.

eLAS-100S recently completed installation tests in Yishui, Henan Province. Our staff assist the equipment installation and sampling on site. The real-time detection, accuracy, high efficiency has been recognized by customers.

eLAS-100S installed onsite

eLAS-100S Field sampling data

In order to be suitable for more applications, Sannol Instruments has introduced the smaller eLAS-100T, which is more compact in size and integrated body than the eLAS-100S. The biggest advantage is that the system can be real-time field analysis, long service life, high accuracy, no need to calibrate often, small maintenance, convenient management. It can avoid the cross influence of various gases in the gas mixture very effectively and achieve accurate analysis.


At present, the mainstream denitration methods in cement enterprises mainly include graded combustion denitration technology, SNCR denitration technology, SCR denitration technology and LCR denitration technology, etc. Each technology has its own advantages, but the ammonia escape problem caused by SNCR and SCR cannot be ignored. The eLAS-100T laser ammonia analyzer has the characteristics of high sensitivity, fast response, no interference from background gas, non-contact optical measurement, etc., which provides a reliable guarantee for accurately reflecting the changes of escaped ammonia in real time, and is widely used in cement production process.



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