Snoptic Instrument has launched the latest ultrasonic gas current meter iFlu-100

2023-06-07 13:45

In the past decade, the regulatory requirements for ultra-low emissions in various industries have become more and more stringent, and the methods for measuring the concentration of gas pollutants have been gradually enriched and improved, basically meeting the detection requirements for ultra-low emissions. However, there is no effective solution to the problems of dust blockage, low flow rate can not be measured, and low sensitivity and accuracy in practical applications.


The ultrasonic current meter can be installed with a single-side insertion method according to the measurement requirements, and the installation Angle is reserved for the flow direction. When the flue gas passes through, the flow rate can be accurately measured.


Single-end type is usually used in small pollution source flue, such as in small power plants, cement plants, chemical plants, 500t below the boiler is very common.


The product has an integrated design with a total length of 1242mm and a total weight of 8kg. Installation and disassembly are simple and easy to maintain.

Compared with other measurement products, the product has incomparable advantages in the measurement of flue gas emissions. In the measurement of flue gas emissions, it truly realizes full range measurement, high-precision measurement, maintenance-free, anti-corrosion, no blockage, no installation point requirements, etc.

The main features are as follows:
1, stable structure: simple and stable structure, not affected by the flow field
2, corrosion resistance: stainless steel and wear-resistant ceramic material, long service life
3, easy maintenance: there is no dust blockage problem, no need to blow back, easy to clean and maintain
4, simple installation: simple installation and disassembly, convenient calibration and measurement
5, high precision measurement: accuracy of 1%
6, wide measuring range: low flow rate 0.5m/s can be measured, high flow rate can be extended to 40m/s

In summary, Shengnuo Instrument iFlu-100 ultrasonic current meter can improve the accuracy and scope of flow measurement, is conducive to the accurate measurement of total emission, can provide accurate emission data for environmental protection emission law enforcement, and has important significance for the total emission control of gaseous pollutants.


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