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Company: Wuhan Shengnuo Instrument Technology Co.

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Exhibitor Introduction

Ltd. is located in Wuhan East Lake High-Tech Development Zone, specializing in laser and spectral analysis technology, providing professional analysis and testing instruments for users. The company has developed a series of gas analyzers based on tunable semiconductor laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) technology, which can be widely used in environmental protection industry, process gas analysis, ambient air quality testing, including NH3, HCL, HF, H2S, CH4, CO, CO2, O2 and other gases, and can also provide OEM/ODM services for custom development of laser gas analysis modules. Sungno Instruments eLAS and iLAS series laser gas analyzers adopt the principle of TDLAS, with high sensitivity, fast response, no interference from background gas, non-contact optical measurement, etc., which are applied to many industrial fields for gas emission monitoring and process control. For example: coal-fired power plants, waste incineration power plants, steel plants, chemical plants, etc., providing a reliable guarantee for real-time and accurate reflection of gas concentration changes.

Product Showcase

eLAS laser greenhouse gas analysis




The eLAS laser greenhouse gas analyzer is a high-performance laser gas analyzer developed for online greenhouse gas monitoring needs. The eLAS-70 meets the requirements of GB/T 34286-2017, GB/T 34287-2017, and QX/T 429-2018. QX/T 429-2018, especially suitable for high precision continuous monitoring of greenhouse gases such as CO2, CH4 and N2O in the atmospheric environment.

eLAS series laser gas analyzer




This series of analyzers adopts the in-situ extraction installation method, which integrates the high-temperature sampling probe and high-temperature detection cell and is installed directly on the flue. Since the sampling pipeline and sample gas transmission process in the traditional extraction system are eliminated, the flue gas sampling loss is minimized. The system overcomes the shortcomings of the in-situ measurement method, which is limited by installation conditions and working conditions, while the high-temperature long-range detector cell improves measurement sensitivity and resolution, and enables online calibration, ensuring high accuracy and reliability of gas monitoring. The system has a smaller installation space, adapting to more application sites, and can also realize multi-point measurement of gases according to customer requirements.

Product features.

In-situ extraction installation method, no sampling tube sampling loss

High-temperature cell and probe integration, smaller temperature gradient

High-temperature detection cell to prevent sampling loss

Customized protocols to meet dynamic environmental control requirements

Detection gas: NH3/HCL/HF (optional)

oLAS series laser gas analysis

The iLAS-800 open-circuit laser gas analyzer is designed for open space ambient air quality monitoring, with a minimum detection lower limit up to ppb level within the light range of hundreds of meters, especially suitable for monitoring ambient air pollutants (unorganized emissions) in industrial parks or production plants, such as HCL, HF, NH3, H2S and other gases.

pLAS series laser gas analysis




The portable laser gas analyzer adopts tunable semiconductor laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) detection technology and integrates a high-temperature Heliotech optical platform to achieve high-precision ammonia gas detection. It can be applied to multi-level environmental monitoring stations, third-party testing agencies, environmental protection comparison and acceptance of fixed pollution sources of gaseous pollutants, emergency detection, instrument calibration, self-inspection of emission enterprises such as coal-fired power plants, gas-fired power plants, cement plants, steel plants, and laboratory gas detection and analysis, etc.

Product features

5m high-temperature detection cell for high-resolution and high-precision detection

Spectral multi-line scanning, can eliminate dust, tar and background gas interference

Detection gas: NH3/HCL/HF (optional)

eLAS series laser gas analyzer




The eLAS series laser gas analyzer is a special analytical instrument based on the principle of tunable semiconductor laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) technology, which scans and analyzes gas absorption spectra at specific wavelengths and combines advanced technologies such as digital lock-in amplifiers and long optical range gas chambers to achieve PPB level of gases. This series of analyzers can achieve high-resolution, high-precision, stable and reliable measurement of trace gases to meet the requirements of process analysis and environmental testing applications.

The instruments can be configured to detect any combination of single or multiple gases (including methane, carbon dioxide, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, hydrogen fluoride, acetylene, and nitrous oxide), as confirmed by the manufacturer.

Product features

ppb level ultra-high sensitivity

Spectrum single line scan, accurate locking test wavelength

Long optical range Heliotec detection cell

Simple calibration and maintenance, long service life


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