Gas Analyzer Selection Guide

2023-01-11 10:42

Gas analyzer is a kind of industrial process control instrument. In the industrial production process, especially in the production process of chemical reactions, such as various chemical plants, pharmaceutical industry, air separation industry, steel smelting, coal chemical industry, etc. is very widely used, playing a role in guiding the process of production.

Therefore, the selection of gas analysis instrumentation (system) is very important, some enterprises will be selected because of a moment of negligence or cheap in the selection of problems. In some cases, the instrument does not work properly or has a large maintenance workload, and in other cases, it leads to production safety hazards. Due to the different working conditions of each manufacturer, the production environment is different, and the types of gases to be analyzed and detected are also very many, different gases, the selection needs to be based on the actual working conditions and actual needs to give customers a solution. For example, the most common oxygen analyzer, there are electrochemical principle, zirconium oxide principle, laser principle and magnetic oxygen principle, and the applicable working conditions and cost performance of different principles are different.

First of all, when selecting the model, you need to look at the essence of "domestic instruments are not as good as imported instruments" concept is biased. Domestic industry has also been developed for many years, in the general common gas analysis instrumentation routine parameter detection, the performance of domestic instruments, life is not worse than imported instruments, and the price of domestic instruments than imported instruments more affordable.

A. Determine the working parameters of the use site

First of all, analyze the use form of the instrument plan (portable, online), whether to consider explosion-proof, the composition of the gas (one or more), pressure, flow, content of the approximate range, temperature and humidity, whether there is water vapor, whether there is dust, whether there is acid and alkaline corrosive gases, all of which will affect the final analysis and detection results.

Wuhan Shengnuo instrument eLAS-100P portable gas detector has a fast response time, not easily disturbed, safety factor and other characteristics, so the product in the work process gas analysis process is quite widely used.

Secondly, for the signal output, current output, alarm upper and lower limits, whether the need for network interface, whether the need for wireless transmission, whether the need for switching output, etc., also need to communicate with the manufacturer one by one.

Therefore, we must provide the real working environment and parameters to the gas analyzer manufacturer truthfully, and with these basic conditions, the gas analyzer manufacturer can make the initial selection according to these working parameters.

The above process parameters, the lack of any one of them may lead to problems in the selection of analytical instruments and can not meet the requirements of use, either the detection data is not accurate, or the use of a variety of frequent problems resulting in a large amount of post-maintenance. Therefore, when selecting the model, we must clarify the process parameters of the monitoring point, these are the necessary parameters for the selection of working conditions.

Second, the stability and applicability of the pretreatment unit

When the measured gas parameters do not reach the detection conditions of the gas analyzer, it is necessary to carry out pretreatment (cooling, pressure reduction, anti-corrosion, dust removal and other measures), the pretreatment unit of the gas analyzer is one of the key components of the gas analysis system, its criticality is no less than the analysis instrument itself.

Why does the pretreatment system play such an important role? Because the gas analyzer is a precision instrument, its operating conditions are relatively harsh, the temperature and humidity of the measured gas, flow, pressure, etc., must reach the analysis conditions in order to test, otherwise the detected results do not meet the requirements will lose the meaning of guidance. However, the environment where gas analyzers are used is mostly a chemical environment with harsh working conditions. Therefore, the gas analyzer, pre-processing unit using each pre-processing components must be very reliable, in consideration of the process media parameters, to consider the redundant design, so as to ensure the good operation of the analyzer. Otherwise, under the harsh detection conditions, the gas analyzer sensor is prone to damage or other problems.

Third, the instrument manufacturer's R & D, production and after-sales capabilities

As the saying goes, "I'm not afraid to encounter problems, I'm afraid to encounter problems that are not properly solved", whether it is imported gas analyzers or domestic gas analyzers, manufacturers do not dare to guarantee that their products will not have any problems in the process of use. But in the event of a problem, the manufacturer's response time and after-sales attitude is very important. The loss of a day of production line parking is the price of heaven, if the purchase of instruments selected by the nature of the intermediary units, often in the instrument out of the question, only the use of customers > distributors > manufacturers, need to go through layers of contact to find the manufacturer's technical staff. If the purchase is made directly from the manufacturer, the above situation will be greatly avoided.

When purchasing, regardless of whether it is a middleman or a manufacturer, the procurement contract must be agreed on the relevant training, installation, how to solve the problem, and the time to solve the problem when it arises, to avoid pulling the wool over the eyes of after-sales issues. So in the customer selection must choose a strong manufacturer and agent, so as to ensure that the analyzer in the use of the process of encountering problems can be properly resolved, spare parts, after-sales timely, the technical performance of the product, stability, etc. is also one of the decisive factors in the purchase. Ltd. is located in Wuhan East Lake High-Tech Development Zone "China - Optics Valley", focusing on laser and spectral analysis technology, to provide users with professional analysis and testing instruments. The eLAS series of gas analyzers and analysis systems developed by the company are based on tunable semiconductor laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) technology, which can measure the concentration of specific gases in process gas composition, including NH3, HCL, HF, H2S, CH4, CO, CO2, etc. They can be widely used in the fields of environmental monitoring, process control and scientific research. The company provides high quality product development and professional marketing services with a highly qualified professional team to provide professional solutions for the application characteristics of different industries.

Fourth, the same working conditions under the use of the enterprise to examine the situation

If it is a small number of single analyzer, field inspection can be omitted. If it is a large set of gas analysis system and the number is large, the purchasing enterprise can conduct appropriate site visits. For example, we can go to the production enterprise to see the production management, company scale, technical strength, etc., and get the first-hand information through the site visit. Can also contact and their own similar or similar production enterprises to use the unit for inspection, to see which one of the other gas analyzer, how to use, how the price, whether the after-sales service is in place. Through on-site inspection, you can also get the most realistic and accurate information, which will also help the final selection.

In the selection of gas analyzer, we must see the essence of the need for specific solutions to specific problems, choose the best for their own process conditions, not necessarily imported than the domestic good, choose the most important for the process conditions. In the use of the process to strengthen the use of personnel training and learning, to increase the understanding of the product, to truly make the analytical instruments for the production process services.

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