Wuhan Shengnuo Instrument in situ laser gas analyzer by Shanxi Jincheng Steel highly recognized

2023-06-01 10:47

With excellent quality equipment and good service attitude, Shengnuo Instrument has won the trust of more and more enterprises. In May, the installation and commissioning of iLAS in-situ laser gas analyzer was completed in Jincheng Iron & Steel, Shanxi Province. Accompanied by our staff, the customer checked the equipment one by one according to the contract agreement, and conducted field experiments on the performance indicators of the equipment (such as: stability, precision, accuracy, etc.). After audit, all the data meet and exceed customer requirements, acceptance.

Jincheng Iron and Steel Wang Gong has given high praise and full affirmation to our equipment. Shengnuo Instrument will continue to work hard to live up to customers' trust in us.



The gas analyzer is characterized by high sensitivity, fast response speed, no interference from background gas, non-contact optical measurement, etc. It can be applied to many industrial gas emission monitoring, process control and other scenarios, providing a reliable guarantee for accurately reflecting the change of gas concentration in real time.

Project focus

Shanxi Jincheng Iron and Steel is a large steel plant, steel and other metal smelting will produce a lot of gas, the analysis and measurement of these gases, iron and steel metallurgical enterprises production optimization, energy recovery, environmental protection and energy saving and safety control has a very important role. The laser CO analyzer purchased by Jincheng Iron and Steel from our company is used for the CO monitoring of blast furnace gas. The range is 0-40%, and the instrument display is 25%, which meets the requirements of process design.

Shanxi Jincheng steel installation site

Field installation drawing

As an equipment supplier, Sunnuo Instrument has professional after-sales personnel to help customers with the installation and commissioning of instruments within the specified time. At the same time, we provide training for customers, including the basic principles of the equipment, the basic methods of using the equipment and basic maintenance knowledge.

Field real-time measurement data

The advantages of iLAS series in-situ laser on-line gas analyzer mainly include the following aspects:

1. Good real-time performance. The gas can be detected quickly and accurately in a short time, which meets the real-time requirements of modern steel production.

2, high precision. With high precision and sensitivity, it can accurately monitor the gas in the flue gas and has high reliability.

3. Easy to maintain. Simple structure, no need to replace parts frequently, low maintenance cost, long service life.

The traditional gas monitoring method needs to collect samples for off-line analysis, which is not only time-consuming and laborious, but also poor real-time performance, which is difficult to meet the requirements of environmental protection in modern steel production. The iLAS series in-situ laser on-line gas analyzer developed and produced by Sunnuo Instrument can realize real-time monitoring of process gas in flue gas. After the actual performance verification and strict testing evaluation in Jincheng Iron and Steel, Wuhan Shenguo Instrument in-situ laser gas analyzer has been highly recognized by Jincheng Iron and Steel leaders.


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