Ammonia fugitive laser gas analyzer

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Specializing in laser spectroscopy gas analysis technology, Shengnuo Instruments invites you to participate in 2022 Wuhan Environmental Protection Exhibition

Ltd. is located in Wuhan East Lake High-Tech Development Zone, specializing in laser and spectral analysis technology, providing professional analysis and testing instruments for users. The company has


Wuhan Shengnuo Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the environmental protection online 2022 online exhibition activities

Mr. Li Xintian, Marketing Director of Wuhan Shengnuo Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. was recently interviewed by a reporter from Environmental Protection Online, and responded to some of the issues of concern.


Ltd. will be exhibiting at the "2022 China Steel Industry Chain New Technology and New Equipment Exhibition and Conference" from August 24 to August 26, 2022, and will meet with you in the ancient city of Hebei - Handan.

The 2022 Steel Fair was held for three days. During the three days' exhibition activities, our company received a lot of visitors who came to consult the exhibition, answered questions about our


Chenno Instruments launches iLAS series laser gas analyzer to help carbon monoxide control

With the deepening of air pollution control, high value of carbon monoxide has become a major factor affecting the improvement of air quality in China, especially in the northern region, carbon monoxide


Meet in Qingdao on December 27th|Wuhan Shengnuo Instruments Exhibits at the 15th Online Analytical Instrument Exhibition

The eLAS-70 laser greenhouse gas analyzer is a high-performance laser gas analyzer developed for online greenhouse gas monitoring needs. It adopts two technical solutions: high-precision TDLAS spectroscopy and off-axis integral cavity spectroscopy, which can meet the requirements of different


Why is it necessary to control ammonia escape below 3ppm?

Ammonia escape is an important parameter that affects the operation of SCR system. In the actual production process, more ammonia than the theoretical amount usually reaches the reactor, and the excess ammonia in the downstream


Application of lock-in amplifier in TDLAS technology

As technology advances, the phenomena people want to understand are becoming more and more refined, and the signals they want to measure are becoming weaker and weaker. Thanks to phase


What is the working principle of the gas detector sensor?

Gas detectors can detect gas leaks and alert people to take safety measures such as evacuation, forced exhaust, and equipment shutdown by issuing audible and visual alarm signals, which is an


Gas Analyzer Selection Guide

Gas analyzer is a kind of industrial process control instrument. In the industrial production process, especially in the production process of chemical reactions


Tunable laser hydrogen sulfide analysis system in natural gas

Hydrogen sulfide is highly toxic and corrosive, and there is a risk of hydrogen sulfide generation and leakage in some industrial production such as mining, sulfur-containing


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